Brow Lifter Nitro Coffee is the most recent product launched from the innovation lab of CULT Coffee Roaster.  This roasted coffee product is infused into a keg then served through a stout tap with 100% pure nitrogen.  That process creates a velvety smooth cold coffee experience that you will want to have over and over again and again.  Our Brow Lifter nitro coffee is the standard for Nitro coffees in our market and possibly across the country.

We use a proprietary process that captures the artistically roasted CULT coffee and pares it with a nitrogen system that produces a pint of heaven.  Once poured, the coffee dances in the glass and moves as if to a musical beat and creates a foamy head.  Once placed on the lips, it takes over the body with a smoothness that will shock and flavor attributes that will wow.

Brow Lifter nitro coffee is an experience that will not be forgotten, and a cold beverage that can be enjoyed at all meal periods, every day.  Join our legions of fans and demand Brow Lifter when you are looking for keg nitro coffee.  We can easily help you get setup and started in the nitro coffee movement!

Learn more about BrowLifter here.