Brow Lifter Coffee Concentrate is a cold concentrate of fresh roasted coffee that can be used to make a wide variety of cold coffee beverages. It is created from a delicious blend of Central American coffees that produce a sweet chocolate flavor with a hint of dark roast caramel notes and a smooth, syrupy body.

Our Coffee Concentrate is being used for many beverage options and is very versatile.  A few ideas would be iced lattes with a flavors added (mocha, caramel, vanilla, etc.), a simple iced coffee, Thai Iced Coffee, used for blended coffee drinks, or paired with your favorite spirits to make a delicious custom alcoholic beverage (hot or cold).   Chefs are even using it as an ingredient in baking and cooking, a sauce and a marinade.  This product is incredibly versatile.

It comes in a 1-gallon container and has a 90-day shelf life from production and 30 days use after being opened.  The concentrate is produced from a proprietary process with a roasted blend of Central American coffees and produces a sweet chocolate flavor with a hint of dark roast caramel notes. A 1-gallon bottle will reconstitute to 7-11 gallons of finished goods depending on your specific recipe for use.

CULT Coffee Roaster’s coffee concentrate opens new doors of innovation for your operation and delivers a powerful tool to capitalize on the craft coffee craze that is being driven by the Epicurean movement.  We are happy to work with you to create innovative new ways you can enhance your beverage and menu offerings.