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CULT Coffee Roaster has been a Phoenix Valley favorite since 1997. Like most artisan roasters, we pride ourselves in honoring the vibrant supply chain of farmers that create the amazing coffee beans that we procure then carefully prepare for you by roasting them by hand and with passion. We have adopted an attitude of Cultivar, which means that we take what has been delicately farmed then cultivate it for you to enjoy. We take that as a great responsibility.



Cold, Hot, & Delicious Beverages


All great coffees start with the bean; the source and location of green coffee farms start the process of potentially great coffee.  CULT Coffee Roaster takes great care in sourcing from the best farms around the world, only with great

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Brewed tea is a universal beverage served around the world in millions of locations every day.  CULT Coffee Roaster has offered artisan hand-produced craft teas since 2000.  We start with beautiful black and green tea leafs out of China and

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Botanically brewed beverages are just that, a hand-selected recipe of botanical products: herbs, blossoms, spices, fruit, and all natural ingredients.  Notice there is NO TEA in a Botanical beverage, just amazing all natural materials from mother earth.  Our Botanicals are

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Brow Lifter Nitro Coffee is the most recent product launched from the innovation lab of CULT Coffee Roaster.  This roasted coffee product is infused into a keg then served through a stout tap with 100% pure nitrogen.  That process creates

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Brow Lifter Coffee Concentrate is a cold concentrate of fresh roasted coffee that can be used to make a wide variety of cold coffee beverages. It is created from a delicious blend of Central American coffees that produce a sweet

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Hot Tea

CULT Coffee Roaster is excited to introduce our signature line of Hot Teas! Created in our innovation lab by our experts, you will now have beautifully handcrafted selections of traditional known hot teas along with our unique offerings. We select

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Our Team

The folks that make the place Magical

Hans Schatz


Hans has spent his life’s work in the foodservice industry, starting humbly like so many washing dishes and busing tables in high school. He worked his way all the way to a senior leadership position with an almost $3B foodservice

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Christopher Marsitto


Christopher Marsitto finds his passion and inspiration from deep within thousands of pounds of small beans. His areas of expertise reach every aspect of the process; from sourcing, cupping, and roasting to blending and packaging. Over 20 years of experience

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